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Audi Q5

Top 5 Most Disappointing Manufacturers

Now I know, measuring “most disappointing” isn’t exactly an exact science with set criteria. But let’s face it, we all love a good list and what better way to bring in the new year with a nice juicy obscure one. So here we go, the 5 manufacturers DriveRSA is consistently being disappointed by… 5. Peugeot […]

BMW 3 (BMW Media)

BMW 320i Sport

There’s only one thing I ever want to know about a new BMW, and that is how it goes around corners. While Audi make great interiors and Mercedes has their Zimmer frame bound customers, BMW are renowned for their ability to build drivers’ cars. So let’s see if the new 3 lives up to the […]

The Boks brush up on their German

Brand ambassadors appear to be big business in South Africa. The right ambassador can propel a brand right to the top and on the reverse can cause a brands street cred to plummet faster than the Blackberry share price (take note Parlatone brands).