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Audi Q5

Top 5 Most Disappointing Manufacturers

Now I know, measuring “most disappointing” isn’t exactly an exact science with set criteria. But let’s face it, we all love a good list and what better way to bring in the new year with a nice juicy obscure one. So here we go, the 5 manufacturers DriveRSA is consistently being disappointed by… 5. Peugeot […]

Audi A3 (Motorpics)

Audi A3

If there’s one thing I never expected, it was that Audi could make their A3 any more understated, cool, clean or chic than it already was. It’s a masterpiece of German engineering, inside and out – comprised of subtly crafted lines the A3 made the minimalist inspired work of Claudio Silvestrin appear nothing more than […]

BMW 3 (BMW Media)

BMW 320i Sport

There’s only one thing I ever want to know about a new BMW, and that is how it goes around corners. While Audi make great interiors and Mercedes has their Zimmer frame bound customers, BMW are renowned for their ability to build drivers’ cars. So let’s see if the new 3 lives up to the […]

Hougie gets an R8

He is one of South Africa’s fastest and most agile men on the rugby field, and now Francois Hougaard will enjoy the same attributes on the roads in a sleek new Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI Quattro. On Monday, 11 June 2012, Audi Centre Northcliff announced its delivery of a brand new Audi R8 V10 […]

Audi RS5

If there’s one thing Audi has achieved over the past decade it’s making the brand desirable to an incredibly broad audience. Their clean, sophisticated design cues ooze elegance. Throw in interiors to match and it’s easy to see why the brand has gained such a following. The RS5 is no different. The standard A5 coupé […]