About Drive RSA

What we’re about? Well cars of course, but (almost) more importantly Drive RSA is about entertainment.

What we’re aiming at? South African motor journalism has a missing link. Whilst those in the market to purchase a car have been catered for with endless detail and informative journalism, those looking for a good read and a bit of a laugh have not. We felt there was a need for someone in the middle, catering for both sides of the fence, a link if you will. Drive RSA intends to be that link using a blend of youthful exuberance and creative talent.



Miles Downard (Editor in Chief)

Miles’ interest in motoring began at a young age, when on the way to school his father would explain, in precise detail, the workings the internal combustion engine. (Poor chap never had a chance) Like many young boys, Miles’ schoolboy obsession soon saw him become a devoted motorsport fanatic, spending mass amounts of time to the love of his life – Formula One. Miles even attended the French Grand Prix to support his team (the red one). Apart from Formula one Miles spends most of his time attending local KZN rally events and updating his extensive knowledge on cars. 2007 saw Miles begin his motor journalism career. It wasn’t long before he was accepted as a provisional member to the South African Guild of Motor Journalists as his enthusiasm and flare caught the eye of readers. Currently he contributes to Autodealer KZN  and is editor and creator of driveRSA.

Justin Stephenson (Creative Editor)

Justin has limited knowledge of cars. How, you might ask, did he end up at driveRSA? Well that’s something I’d like to know. He does however have some ability when it comes to creative design and photography – which I guess is an integral part of making driveRSA what it is and what it will hopefully become. Justin attended Rhodes University to study Photojournalism and Psychology (he even finished his degree to the amazement of many). He is completing his Masters in Pyschology at WITS, which means he is doing an internship at local Gauteng hospitals. Since the government post affords Justin a fair amount of free time, we at driveRSA have strapped him to a chair and forced him to watch reruns of any and every motoring programme ever filmed, in a last gasp attempt to teach him something that might justify his position on the team.

David Abbey (Public Relations Officer)

David Richardson Abbey, being his full name, hails from the West African country of Ghana. Surprised, right? Anyway if there’s one thing Dave is good at, it’s wheeling and dealing his way into positions of power. He gets on with just about everyone and will talk you into liking him if you don’t already. The Drive RSA team go back a long way with Dave; Miles even studied Accounting (of all things) alongside him at Rhodes University. So he’s like part of the family. And what better member of the family to handle all matters public than Dave? That’s why he’s our PRO.

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