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Lexus IS350

Lexus IS350 F-Sport

What is it? This is Lexus’ (or Lex-i’s perhaps?) third generation entry level premium saloon – and what that boils down to is that it’s Lexus’ third attempt to put any sort of dent in the German trio’s market share. There’s no doubting that previous IS’s have had little impact on Mercedes, Audi and BMW; […]

Suzuki Swift (Quickpic)

Suzuki Swift 1.2

Steve Jobs advocated design and function as being an extension of ones self when bring his Apples to the market. Recently I have found myself wondering about the implications of this style of thinking. Ultimately this thinking led Jobs into a spiral of narcissistic injury, which he struggled to break free of until the day […]

GWM Steed 5 (Photo: Quickpic)

GWM Steed 5

I’m always thoroughly impressed when I jump inside a GWM. The expectation is below low, I mean after all its ‘Made in China’ and that carries about as much weight as the drivel from the upper echelons of our current government. However they never fail to impress me. And the trend continued with the Steed […]

Infiniti M30 (Photo: Quickpic)

Infiniti M30

Infiniti’s introduction to South Africa brought with it a full range of vehicles, from a two door drop-top through to a luxury SUV. In between lies the M30d, a mid-size luxury saloon aimed to strike a blow across the bow of Germany’s premium range such as the BMW 5 and Mercedes E-Class. Unlike Lexus, Nissan’s […]

Mitsubishi ASX (Photo: Quickpic)

First impression: Mitsubishi ASX

Let me start with a few interesting facts; not specifically about the car in question here, the Mitsubishi ASX, but rather the market in which the ASX finds itself. Firstly, some 66% of the cars sold in the entry level cross-over segment have 2.0 litre petrol motors; most of them have manual gearboxes; and almost […]

Nissan Juke Tekna (Photo: Quickpic)

Nissan Juke 1.6 Tekna

Nissan has dubbed itself the creators of the compact crossover – which effectively means they made some vehicles (see Qashqai, followed by Juke) and put them out there hoping people would catch on. A risky move, but one which has paid off if you look at their sales figures. Nissan’s Juke has been around for […]

Infiniti FX30 (Photo: Quickpic)

Infiniti FX 30d S

Toyota launched their luxury arm (known as Lexus of course) here in South Africa, oh I don’t know, about ten years ago now and have enjoyed a fair amount of success; taking the fight to well-established luxury brands such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes. But it’s not only the Corolla that has a series of […]

Nissan NP300 (Photo: Quickpic)

Nissan NP300

The Nissan NP300 has been around the block here in South Africa – in fact it’s been going around the block for 25 years now and the formula hasn’t changed much since its first lap. The NP300 is a workhorse and doesn’t compromise that task for anything. It’s rugged, manly, unshaven, and like the love […]

Chev Cruze (Photo: Quickpic)

Chevrolet Cruze Hatch

The Chevrolet Cruze has long been my favourite non-premium sedan, offering a spacious cabin, great value for money, great looks and a decent enough drive. Now Chevrolet has chopped the off its backside – so let’s see if the bum-less Cruze still wins me over. Since the rear end was my least favourite part of […]

Audi A3 (Motorpics)

Audi A3

If there’s one thing I never expected, it was that Audi could make their A3 any more understated, cool, clean or chic than it already was. It’s a masterpiece of German engineering, inside and out – comprised of subtly crafted lines the A3 made the minimalist inspired work of Claudio Silvestrin appear nothing more than […]