Vespa offers free riding lessons

I have always been a car person, well, clearly since I’m currently writing for a motoring publication. However my allegiance to four wheels has always been most prominent when the subject of bikes rears its ugly head.

Until I moved to Johannesburg, where I now spend a substantial portion of my day staring blankly at the tailpipe of the poor sod in front of me, only to have motorcycles sail by my window – it makes me exceptionally jealous.

Time has become a scarce commodity and traffic the main suspect in stealing it. Add to that there’s the financial cost of sitting in traffic, such as the ever increasing petrol price, regular wear and tear on vehicles due stop-start driving, and pollution caused by CO2 emissions. None of these problems pose a problem, when you select two-wheels instead of four.

In the past, many people justified not purchasing a two-wheeler believing them to be impractical or for leisure purposes only. How times really have changed. Today, many commuters have turned to two-wheelers to save money, free up their time and give them a sense of freedom from the everyday shackles of traffic congestion. Weaving through the traffic and arriving on time and stress-free has replaced the frustration of being stuck in a jam for hours. Saving time and fuel have become only two of the many reasons why people are opting for bikes instead of cars. In addition, carbon emissions are lower and service intervals further apart.

In order to fully appreciate a two-wheeler, riders must be fully licensed and trained to ride their bike. For many people this is a massive barrier to deciding to make the transition to two-wheel commuting. Thankfully Vespa offers free lessons to riders in a safe, secure area. These lessons ensure that the riders are comfortable riding their bikes before they embark on the freedom of the streets. Riders are taught to be cognisant of the traffic hazards, as well as basic functionalities of these nippy urban vehicles. Vespa also offers advanced riding courses for experienced riders to learn more about high-speed two-wheeler handling, braking and cornering skills.

The perceived safety limitations of riding a two-wheeler may be the reason why many people are hesitant to purchase one. The reality is that there are two-wheelers that are extremely safe. Take the Vespa for example; it has a solid steel monocoque chassis. This unyielding structure protects the rider’s legs and body from direct impact, making it one of the safest two-wheelers on the planet.

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