Top Gear Festival: Take One

Top Gear Festival: Tiff Needell“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,” it was the time of Top Gear and the weekend of rain.

The Top Gear festival returned to South Africa this year having evolved into much more than a show in a dome, this time the festival exploded its awesomeness on Kyalami.

As I’m sure you all would have heard, the festival is not just about the show any more, the magnitude of activities taking place over the weekend was mind blowing.

Perhaps one of the biggest hits was held in an area known as the “BP Stunt School” hosted by none other than 5th Gear presenter Tiff Needell.

The stunt school saw celebrity rookie drivers instructed on how to do advanced driving manoeuvres such as, hand brake turns, J-turns and sliding into parallel parking spots. The poor car used in these challenges was an old Chevy Spark – which looked a bit run down on the Festival’s last day as its bumper hung on with a bit of tape.

The tense moment was always waiting to see if the celeb driver would make it into the parking, or smash into the side of the old Passat or Beetle fore and aft of the demarcated spot – which happened quite often, much to the dismay of the instructor’s neck and back.

Top Gear Festival: Trevor NoahDrive RSA caught up with a couple of your favourite celebs over the course of the weekend and we will be sure to keep the content coming over the next few days. For now we chat with South African comedian Trevor Noah after he completed his schooling in J-turns under the keen eye of the masterful Tiff Needell.

Drive RSA: Trevor, how would you describe your experience of the Top Gear festival so far?

Trevor: Its huge, a major event, enjoying every moment of it. I enjoy the shows and track activities. It has been major fun.

Drive RSA: Looks like you just had a shot of adrenaline, can you tell us about your experience behind the wheel?

Trevor: Its intense, a great thrill, but scary as well.

Drive RSA: Should we expect any skits from this in your next comedy showcase?

Trevor: No, no, no…This is not a joke, my heart is still beating a bit off. No time for jokes here.

Drive RSA: Thanks for the quick chat Trevor, we will let you get back to your celeb team mates, all the best for the rest of the challenge.

Trevor: Thanks guys, things are getting tense in this competition.

David Abbey

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