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Jaguar C-X17

Jaguar’s first SUV

I can just imagine the thoughts of Jaguar club members the world over upon reading my headline. “What is this nonsense?” they might exclaim, perhaps in a slightly proper English accent. You see the mere thought of Jaguar, the most traditional of English saloon and sports cars, producing a vehicle with such a vulgar amount […]

Chev Camaro (Quickpic)

JIMS: A reflection on the show that was

The Johannesburg International Motor Show, aka JIMS is largest of its kind in Africa and a must-visit for all motoring enthusiasts. The 2013 edition of the spectacle ran for 10 days from 18 – 27 October with over 250 000 visitors feasting on what the manufacturers had to showcase in the form of their latest and […]

Jaguar XF in Epic Economy Run

The headline may indeed come as a shock to many of you out there, but you have not switched into an alternate reality. Jaguar has indeed attempted an economy run across America…