KZN Motor Racing: Dezzi’s Raceway in Port Shepstone

Desmond Gutzeit is a remarkable man. In a few short years he single-handedly achieved what all KZN Motor Sport Clubs and enthusiasts failed to achieve in more than 30 years. In  1982 the last motor race was run at the Roy Hesketh circuit in Pietermaritzburg.

Over the years, many attempts were made to obtain land on which to build a motor racing circuit. Estcourt and Mooi River were suggested but these projects did not even reach the stage of obtaining  approval  for change of land use.

The Idube project  at Umlaas road obtained approval as a race circuit but funds raised were only adequate for a compact go cart track.

Other efforts such as the circuit at Masons mill resulted in  venues where cars could compete against the clock but not against each other.   This venue closed 10 years ago.

Attempts were made to revitalise a much shortened version of Roy Hesketh but this was always on the strict understanding that no racing would ever be permitted. Racing cars and motorcycles could circulate, but no racing. Even timing of the vehicles was banned. Then the property was sold.

All seemed to be lost for KZN motor sport.

Enter Mr Gutzeit

Desmond Gutzeit is the founder of Desmond Equipment S A

Starting with an airstrip on his  property at Port Shepstone he built first a drag strip then, a spinning venue and finally a fully MSA approved racetrack. All  this in a matter of a few years.

Fully fledged racing has entered now its third year at Dezzis. The number of competitors is growing in leaps and bounds enthusiasm is at record levels.


The KZN Road racing Club runs race meetings at Dezzi’s.

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