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Cruzer FitWe all want to drive nice, expensive, fast and incredibly good looking cars, well at least all normal people I mean. Sadly whilst we all dream of parking the latest luxury car in our driveways it doesn’t always materialise in the same way. I was convinced that my first car would be a luxurious sedan with all the bells and whistles, yeah I know right? Well as the tender face of my dream met with the harsh slap of reality I realised that whilst I may have been driving a 1992 Bucket Lite, it didn’t mean I couldn’t spruce up the old banger a little bit in the gadget department.

Now I know many people will use the argument that you can’t polish um. . . let’s go with waste, but I think you will find that even the hardened German sedan driver will be interested in the little gems below:

1. Cruzer Fit USB flash drive

A flash stick I hear you say? Well yes, I don’t know too many people who still drive around with a mass of CD’s jammed into their glove box. Most new car sound systems come with inputs for a USB, SD card or even an iPod connector.

While a chunky flash stick sticking out of the dash may not seem like a big deal it does give off the varsity student vibe as your passengers imagineParrot MiniKit Slim all the assignments stored on the flash. Worst case scenario you and your friends start pulling all the moves to the latest Flo Rida song and someone bashed the little bugger and ends the party. Well the Cruzer avoids any flash drive related disasters and disappears neatly into your dash; no one would blame you for telling your friends your car has an on-board media player.

2. The Parrot Minikit-Slim

This hands free kit looks slicker then most cell phones these days and unlike a lot of the hands free kits advertised out there this one actually works. I tried it out for a week and having to part with it left me wondering how I managed without it. I think at one point I began thinking my car was Kit and was confused when it didn’t respond to my rocket request in early morning traffic, it did however try to dial Roger.

TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition3. TomTom GO LIVE Top Gear Edition

Featuring the voice of the ever charismatic Jeremy Clarkson this TomTom GPS will allow all those sick of the skynet voiced GPS’s some reprieve.

In true Clarkson style the GPS warns motorists of upcoming speed cameras, social commentary and even a few driving tips; “Take the third exit and then take the motorway. You can’t miss it. It’s that huge piece of tarmac full of caravans and traffic cones”. An added bonus is that the unit was banned in the UK, making it a highly coveted prize for all Top Gear fans out there.

Justin Stephenson

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