DriveRSA has words with Top Gear

Wednesday saw South Africa’s press congregate at the Dome in Johannesburg for a meet and greet type affair with world renowned Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May – who are currently on an MPH World Tour.

Armed with nothing more than his invite and a cell phone, DriveRSA’s Public Relations Officer, Mr David Abbey, found himself mixing it up with the guys – even ending up at the short end of a few Clarkson jokes.

Unfortunately Richard Hammond was unable to attend – a fact one eagle-eyed journo was able to detect.

“Well, Hammond has not been sacked. It was just for the photos, to get the average height right,” joked Clarkson.

It was all fun and games from there as Clarkson and May, in typical fashion, rolled with the punches thrown at them by the press.

“It was great,” said Clarkson when asked about their time in Cape Town. “South African audiences are the best by a long way.”

Not to be fooled too easily, South Africa’s press pointed out that this is no doubt what they say at every show on the World Tour. However fears were quickly dispelled when Clarkson explained that South Africa is definitely better than Australia…and Birmingham.

With question time over, Dave thought it appropriate to have a word with both presenters – you know, plug the brand and all. With his phone set in camera mode and ready for an action shot, he set off.

 “That must be a rubbish paper you write for if you’re using your phone [for photos],” said Clarkson with a smile on his face.

And so ended DriveRSA’s moment of fame. Next time we’ll take a camera.


(Come back for a full report of the show on Sunday)

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