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New TomTom App for “i” People 0

New TomTom App for “i” People

The new era of cell phone technology has ushered in the use of smartphones, phones that can do just about anything really. Of course we can’t begin to talk about smartphones without mentioning the smartest phone around. . .

6D-Vision Technology from Daimler 0

6D-Vision Technology from Daimler

The human eye is an incredible tool, able to recognise 10-odd millions colours, perceive depth, focus and adjust to changing light conditions, all the while transmitting this information to the brain for processing.

Flexibility, Froggy Style 1

Flexibility, Froggy Style

One of the amazing and more memorable sights in South African motoring must be the iconic Toyota HiAce taxi. Everyone who has ever driven...

Golf 6 TSI The Swinger 0

Golf 6 TSI The Swinger

I’ve never been a fan of the Golf. The reason being that I’ve always seen it as the bottom of the VW range, which technically I guess it is in its Citi guise…

Days of Our Drives: Part 1 0

Days of Our Drives: Part 1

Sunday saw an awesome end to this years Formula One season, though don’t you hate it when the championship results are settled before the last race? It’s like having the final match…

2010: Who’s Adopting Who? 0

2010: Who’s Adopting Who?

You’d never think the world of Formula One could get more unexpected than it has been, when voila, Ferrari comes first and last in the last Belgium Grand Prix…

Don’t Think, Just Drive 0

Don’t Think, Just Drive

Formula One has always had a bit of a “preferred twin” feel. One driver seems to be backed more by their team than the other. There was Michael Schumacher…